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“As a parent of a teenage daughter who has loved taking piano lessons with Brandy for over two years, we are so appreciative of Brandy’s scheduling flexibility. There have been at least three times when we needed to change our daughter’s piano lesson time and day due to new school or sporting event conflicts.  Without Brandy’s willingness to make these scheduling modifications, our daughter would probably not be playing piano right now! Our daughter plays the piano beautifully and she adores Brandy.  We cannot thank Brandy enough for the musical joy she has given to our family.”

Laura Ayala (parent of a piano student)

“My daughter has piano lessons with Brandy once a week and always wants to go. Brandy’s  attention to detail is interesting to watch especially as she makes it so much fun for her. You really need a lot of patients when working with youngsters and she definitely has what it takes. My daughter enjoys taking lessons with her, and I’m very impressed with the way she teaches her. My daughter practices on her own at home, and I love hearing her progress. Brandy is a great teacher and I would suggest her to anyone.Keep up the great work. “

Debbie Tilley (parent of a piano student)

“Brandy has been our piano/guitar teacher for over 5 years. She is an excellent instructor providing a very positive, calm environment for the kids to learn. She has been more then accommodating in meeting our schedule changes over the past years. I would highly recommend her as a music instructor for her knowledge and teaching skills.”

Deb and Dave Prine (parents of a guitar and piano student)

“Brandy Held is a very creative and talented musician and I am very glad (and lucky!) to have her as my piano teacher. She is helping me understand music a lot deeper than I ever thought I would! I am a beginning adult student and it is motivating to learn from a real artist.  She is a natural and genuine teacher and her studio provides a nice comfortable atmosphere to learn in.  She also runs the business side very professionally (even meticulously, I am impressed with her organizational skills: i.e. the email updates to her students are thoughtful and well appreciated – informing us when there are timeslots available for makeups or new open lesson times available in the studio.) I highly recommend Brandy to any prospective student.”

Jason Hertlein (adult piano student)

“Brandy is a good teacher because I got to the second book in less than a year. She is nice.”

Jonathan ( age 8 –guitar student)

rhianna“The reason I like Brandy is because she goes at my speed, never too fast and never too slow. She is very encouraging and she lets me play any extra or fun songs as I like.”

Rhianna  (age 10–piano student)

(Pictured above: Brandy and student Rhianna at a recital in 2007)

“Brandy’s approach to teaching our 8 year old daughter the guitar has been patient, respectful and methodical, yielding rapid progress. Within a few months, she was playing simple melodies confidently and showed a clear grasp of the fundamentals of reading notation. Brandy’s scheduling structure is great for busy parents, there is a simple way to arrange makeup lessons if you have to miss due to overbooking. Overall, we feel that we made a great choice for our daughter in choosing Brandy as a teacher for her very first stages of learning.”

Joshua Perkins (parent of a guitar student)


“Our daughter has been taking piano lessons with Brandy for a little over a year.  Brandy took time to help our daughter transition from group lessons to private lessons.  Initially Brandy spent time identifying our daughter’s skill level and found appropriate materials for her to play.  She encourages her students to play songs that interest and inspire them.  She also encourages her students to compose music if they want to.  In addition, we appreciate Brandy’s weekly emails letting us know when she has time for make up lessons and studio time if we need to make a change in our lesson time.”

Phil and Angel M. (parents of a piano student)

“Brandy is a warm, caring, and knowledgeable piano teacher.She tailors lessons to the abilities and needs of each student, teaching music theory with the practical playing of the piano. As a student Brandy always helps me achieve an understanding of the piece of music I’m working on. The studio is spacious and a inviting place to learn.”

Michael Lombard (adult piano student)

“My 8 year old daughter has been taking piano lessons from Brandy for nearly two years, and has made incredible progress.   I love hearing her play!  Brandy has a keen sense of what each child needs for success, and allows some flexibility in the pieces the child may play to keep it fun, while still maintaining a very strong program in the basics.  Initially, my other daughter did not want to take piano lessons, but after witnessing Ellie’s success and love of the music, Alex decided for herself to start lessons.  Now both daughters fight over who gets to practice our piano at home!  They are already planning on what they want to play at the next recital, perhaps a duet!”


“Thank you for being such a great piano teacher. I really appreciate it. I am very excited about the next piano recital!”

Irena (young piano student)

“In the almost ten years since Brandy became our pianist at The Community of Christ the Servant Church, Brandy has matured into an excellent performer and accompanist. She works well with the choir and the minister and has a strong work ethic. We are pleased that Brandy has stayed on with our congregation for all these years. “

Marion Burrows, Choir Director and Worship Committee Chair

“My piano teacher is awesome! If anyone is thinking about learning piano or guitar I highly recommend Brandy Held’s Music Studio. And I promise it’s never too late. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano. I’m 42 years old and finally doing so.” 

Wendy Sandow-Tetzlaff

“My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Brandy for 6 years, and we couldn’t be happier! In fact, my husband now takes guitar lessons from her too. She really personalizes the lessons- makes them fun in part by allowing the student to choose music that keeps them interested! She is a calm, encouraging teacher and really knows what she’s doing!”
Denise Johanowicz