Studio Still Closed/Reopening Plan

Studio Still Closed/Reopening Plan

Updated June 2020: Brandy Held’s Music Studio is available to teach online lessons only. Beginning to Advanced Piano and Guitar Lessons, all ages, all styles. I currently do not have plans to reopen currently for three reasons: My entire family is immune system compromised, I have a toddler who cannot wear a mask, and liability issues since I cannot guarantee anyone’s safety in my studio during the Covid-19 pandemic. Teaching involves being closer than 6 feet and sharing each other’s instruments especially for piano. I am taking extra precautions because my studio is in my home.

Online lessons have been working great and it is a way I can guarantee everyone’s safety for the time being. When I do reopen students will have the option of being online or coming to the studio.

My studio will reopen when one of the following things happen:

Madison Wisconsin or Wisconsin in general becomes a green zone with little to no community transmission.

There is a working treatment that cures Covid-19.

There is a safe vaccine and my family has received it.

The information about Covid-19 has changed and is no longer considered a threat, etc

I do not plan to just teach online forever and will reopen at some point when it is the right thing for me and my family. Thank you for your understanding during this time. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Thanks, Brandy Held Perkins

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