Studio Opening Plan for August 2021

Studio Opening Plan for August 2021

Hi everyone! I am reopening my studio August 2nd. I will also be keeping virtual lessons as of right now as well.
This is how I will be running my studio until further notice:
1. Masks are required by everyone coming in person until further notice

2. I will be wearing a mask for all in person lessons

3. My husband and I are vaccinated. I have a strong reason to believe we had covid before lockdown so I believe my 2 year old daughter has had it. She is not vaccinated.

4. My husband and daughter will be upstairs and will not wear a mask. No one is allowed in the upstairs part of the house anymore. You will not be able to get in through the front door of the house anymore.

5. Entrance for the studio has changed. People will enter directly through the garage into the studio.

6. One parent/one adult may enter with one child up to 5 minutes before their lesson. They must remove shoes off inside the house at the door. Please leave shoes outside by the door if there are laces on the shoes since my cat will eat them. One parent/one adult may wait in the waiting area for their student during the lesson.

7. Students and one parent/one adult must leave after 5 minutes after their lesson has ended.

8. Piano, studio, and bathroom will be cleaned before and after lessons daily but not during.

9. No eating, no drinking, and gum (gum has never been allowed)

10. No phone calls during lessons. Please step outside.

11. I will have an air purifier running that cycles the air every 15 minutes in a 750 square foot room.

12. Friends and extended family are not allowed in the studio. A max of 5 people (including me) will ever be in the studio at one time. Majority of the time there will only be 3 people at one time.

13. Do not arrive to lessons sick. If you stay home from school do not come to lessons. Students will be sent home immediately and need to wait outside in the garage til they are picked up if I believe they are sick. Students will have the option to have a virtual lesson instead if they are sick but I will need to be contacted ahead of time.

14. In person makeups are available again.

15. Recitals will probably end up being virtual for the rest of this year. I hope all recitals in 2022 will be in person (spring and fall)

16. Do not touch the dogs in their crate.

17. At this point I do not plan on touching instruments a whole lot. Please tune guitars ahead of time or by yourself in the studio. I will demonstrate on the piano behind me or my guitar when possible. Sometimes I will need to help students on the big main piano or guitar by me. This will involve being closer than 3 feet sometimes. I think I plan on giving out stickers to students who want them again.

18. Virtual lessons are available until further notice for those that want them.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. I am open to suggestions as well.

Thanks, Brandy Held Perkins

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