Student Portal

Brandy Held’s Music Studio Student Portal

STUDENT PORTAL IS LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.  (how to use student portal pictures located underneath sign in)

Please sign into the student portal to see all available makeups. You can sign up for makeups in the calendar. Please do not email Brandy for available makeup lessons (she will only contact you if a makeup happens that might work for you and isn’t in the calendar).

Do not cancel regularly scheduled lessons in here. Only sign up for makeups or cancel makeups in here. Most makeups are on Fridays 5pm to 7pm. Other makeup times might be available but are not guaranteed. If Brandy needs to cancel a makeup lesson for any reason a student will be expected to reschedule the makeup for another time. Brandy only credits for regularly scheduled lessons she misses. 

If you are not a current student please contact Brandy Held directly (email is best) to find out what times are available in the studio. 

Invoices, practice log, lesson and performance schedule, amount of makeups, and other news can also be found in the student portal. Thanks!–Brandy

How to sign up for makeups: Please sign into calendar. Then find dots in calendar days and look for open time slots. Click on open time and register (a green symbol should appear during the sign up). After you sign up it will say registration is closed. To cancel a makeup click on the time again and cancel (a red symbol should appear). Cancellation note will also appear after. Please contact Brandy with any questions.



Invoices and practice log look like this: