Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

$35 a Half Hour   $68 Hour

Beginning to Advanced Piano Lessons.

Ages 4 and up

All Styles.

Music Theory, Composition, and Songwriting.

Combo Lessons Offered (Switch between piano and guitar lessons)

In Person and Online Piano lessons for Beginners through Advanced.

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More about Piano Lessons

Brandy Held has been a pianist for the last 37 years and has a piano performance degree from UW-Whitewater. She is also currently working on an music education certification for grades K-12 from Cesa #1. She has experience being a music instructor for the last 20 years and has taught up to 45 students weekly in her Madison, Wi music studio. She is also the musical artist Brandy Held in the Madison, Wi area. Brandy offers piano lessons to beginning to advanced players and teaches pop, rock, country, blues, jazz, and classical styles.  She also teaches music theory (chords, scales, etc.), composition, songwriting, and how to sing and play. In addition to music lessons, she offers students the chance to perform twice a year in auditoriums or music centers in the Madison, WI area. Brandy also offers guitar lessons. Students may also take combo lessons and switch between piano and guitar. Studio hours are: Tuesday 4 to 5pm and Thursday 4pm to 8:30pm. Contact Brandy now!


“Brandy is a warm, caring, and knowledgeable piano teacher.She tailors lessons to the abilities and needs of each student, teaching music theory with the practical playing of the piano. As a student Brandy always helps me achieve an understanding of the piece of music I’m working on. The studio is spacious and a inviting place to learn. “

Michael Lombard (Piano Student)



Brandy Held - Fallen Pieces (by Brandy Held)