Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

$30 a Half Hour   $58 Hour


Beginning to Advanced Guitar Lessons. Check out Online Music Lessons

Ages 7 and up, All Styles. Left handed Guitar Students.

Music Theory, Composition, and Songwriting.

Combo Lessons Offered (switch between guitar & piano lessons)

Online for Beginning to Advanced. More info on ONLINE PAGE

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More About Guitar Lessons

Brandy Held Perkins has been a guitarist for over a decade and pianist for 33 years. She holds a BA in Music from UW-Whitewater. She has experience being a music instructor for the last 16 years and has taught up to 45 students weekly in her Madison, WI music studio. Brandy Held Perkins offers guitar lessons to beginning to advanced players and teaches a variety of styles. She also teaches music theory (chords, scales, etc.), composition, songwriting, and how to sing and play. In addition to music lessons, she offers students the chance to perform twice a year in student recitals in auditoriums or music centers in the Madison, WI area. Brandy also offers piano lessons. Students may also take combo lessons and switch between guitar and piano lessons. Contact Brandy now!


“Brandy’s approach to teaching our 8 year old daughter the guitar has been patient, respectful and methodical, yielding rapid progress. Within a few months, she was playing simple melodies confidently and showed a clear grasp of the fundamentals of reading notation. Brandy’s scheduling structure is great for busy parents, there is a simple way to arrange makeup lessons if you have to miss due to overbooking. Overall, we feel that we made a great choice for our daughter in choosing Brandy as a teacher for her very first stages of learning.”

Joshua Perkins (parent of a guitar student)


Brandy Held - Illuminate (Guitars, piano, voice, & song by Brandy Held)